• Supporting the Digital Transformation of Museums 

    The DCBox approach

    The Digital Curator is an emerging professional profile: its relevance has been emphasised by the CoVid-19 pandemic and the consequent need to rely on digital, smart and connected museums.
    Nevertheless, up to date there’s no single, unanimously agreed reference framework to empower learners with skills, competences and expertise a DC should provide, that is a synthesis of technical
    knowhow and humanistic background.

    It is for this reason that 6 different partners (4 Universities, 1 research centre, 1 academic network, and 1 IT private enterprise) from 5 different EU Mediterranean countries
    (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Cyprus) have decided to join their forces and create the project.

    The course consists of four areas divided into eight modules that integrate to offer general training on the topic of Digital Cultural Heritage.
    By following all modules in sequence, you will have a complete overview to interact with other professionals and experts in this interdisciplinary field.

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